At Google Developer Student Clubs Loyola,

We develop

Our Mission

Nurturing aspiring developers to innovate and create technological solutions for communities

Our Vision

To be a well-rounded community of student developers, making technology education and products more accessible

Our Values

We’re built different, so we build different

Google Developer Student Clubs Loyola is a student tech organization based in Ateneo de Manila University. We believe that you do not have to code to be a developer. As an organization, we not only develop products but also people by giving them access to different Google technologies, workshops, and opportunities. Made of dreamers, problem solvers, and thinkers, we are united by a passion to uplift communities through technology together. We're doing this through three pillars.


Googley Growth

We want to turn GDSC into a member-centric organization for anyone and everyone, regardless of background.


Accessible Tech Education

We make it easy for anyone to level up in their tech journey by helping them building their skills and apply them to the real world.


Amplified Community

We amplify who we are and what we do in using tech for good. We want to be visible and active in the community and partnering with others.

Our Departments


They spearhead project teams in developing both internal and client products.


They create educational materials and setup workshops to train members in tech.


They ensure that events and initiatives are ideated and delivered successfully.


They plan, develop, and implement marketing and communication strategies.

Human Resources

They empower member growth and strengthen community relationships.

Finance and Externals

They manage funds and build strong relationships with external institutions.

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GDSC-L is only one of 30 Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSCs) in the Philippines, all of which are university-based community groups that aim to bridge the gap between theory and practical application for Filipino student developers.

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